Gifts from Grandma - A gift in someone's hands with a text overlay that says the hottest gifts from the cool grandma

Hottest Gifts From The Cool Grandma This Holiday Season

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Gifts from grandma are always the best!

You already know that your grandkids love you best. Maybe they call you Grandma or Mawmaw or even, like in my case Mimi. They have a love for you that is as special as you have for them, but you want to know how to kick that love up a notch. We’re going to show you the best gifts from grandma this holiday season that will put you square in the top spot of cool grandma.

They already love you, but now they’ll know you know them and their likes and dislikes in a way that only the coolest grandma do.


Gifts from Grandma - A gift in someone's hands with a text overlay that says the hottest gifts from the cool grandma

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Gifts From Grandma

We’ve broken down the hottest gifts, by age, that all the kids have on their wish lists.  We’ve covered toys and electronics, gadgets, science and more.  This is the ultimate list for gifts for kids from grandma.



If you’re like me, you may even find something to add to your own holiday wish list.  I’ve got my eye on the movie maker and portable charger, myself.


I can’t wait to hear which you are excited about buying for your grandkids this holiday season or which you’ve added to your own list.


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Find the best gifts from grandma below. The pictures and descriptions are credited to the site the gift is found on.



Hottest Gifts From Grandma

Hottest Gifts for Babies

Usually when you are buying for a sweet baby, you are actually buying something for the parents to make their lives easier, but there are some gifts that babies will love and appreciate, too.

Here's the hottest gifts for babies this holiday season.

Hottest Gifts for Toddlers

Little ones can be tough to buy for. You have to make sure that the gift is safe (you know it's going in their mouths!). You have to make sure that it's fun or they won't play with it and you'd like it to be educational.

We've got you covered on all fronts when buying gifts from the cool grandmom.

Hottest Gifts for Kids Age 5-7

Now we're getting to the age where they want everything they see, right? These gifts are award winners but, more important, won raves from the kids themselves.

Hottest Gifts for Kids Age 8-13

Kids age 8-13 have discerning taste. They know what they like and what they don't. Often kids in this age group enjoy creating things or building things. Some prefer technology gifts. We've got a bit of everything in this list of hottest gifts for kids age 8-13

Hottest Gifts for Teenagers

Teenagers can scare the you-know-what out of you, but a sure way into their heart is with this list of hottest gifts for teenagers.


Did we miss any on your grandkids wish list? What gifts from grandma would you recommend for this list of the hottest gifts from grandma? Tell us in the comments below!


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