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Dewy Skin for Mature Women

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Dewy skin is the most recent rage in the makeup world! And I LOVE it! But is it possible to get that dewy look for mature skin? And, if so, will it help? Oh yes…and I will share how!

Dewy Skin - A woman looking up touching


The dewy look has been revived by makeup artist and Instagram sensation Nam Vo, a look she calls the “Dewy Dumpling” look.

It is a look that gives flawless, glowing and youthful looking skin! The reason for this is her philosophy of beautiful makeup begins with beautiful skin.  

As an esthetician I can attest to the fact that this philosophy is the best one! Your makeup is only as good as your skincare.

So, if you have lines and wrinkles can you get this look? Yes!

If you have oily skin, is this look wise? Yes, if you apply the principles of good (and healthy) skincare!



A Fan of the Dewy Skin Look

While I am a fan of Nam Vo and her Dewy Dumpling look, I have been a fan of the dewy look for years. However, I never found the right products to give me the look I wanted.

Until now at least. I don’t know if I can credit Nam Vo for this or if it is just the latest makeup trends, but there seems to be more products on the market right now targeting the dewy look and I am SO thrilled! 

And they have them for every budget which is even better! But before I get into the products, I want to share some about the skincare that helps achieve not only a healthy, dewy look, but helps to minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles and helps prevent them in the future!



Proper Skin Care

Get a Facial!

Good skin care doesn’t start with your morning routine, it starts with your monthly routine!

As you age, your skin becomes less efficient at removing dead skin cells which can keep vital nutrients and moisture from getting into your skin. This goes a long way toward causing lines and wrinkles.

The best thing you can do for this is not only exfoliate on a regular basis, but get a facial!

Most women think nothing of going to the nail salon to get manis and pedis and spend on clothing (which I am ALL for!!) yet neglect their body’s largest organ!

Facials are looked at as “spa” treatments and luxuries and it’s not. It is caring for what houses your entire body!

You don’t even have to pay a lot for a facial! Find a cosmetology school near you! As a former student I can tell you, students need a certain number of hours in order to earn their license. I worked on many a client when I was going to school to be an esthetician and my clients were VERY happy with the facials they received. 

Good skin care doesn't start with your morning routine, it starts with your monthly routine! #skincare #matureskin Click To Tweet

You can pay as little as $20.00 for facials at a cosmetology school, depending on your location and you’re helping a student at the same time. They are supervised by their instructors so you are getting quality service.

Also, ensure that wherever you go for a facial that they do lymphatic drainage. I know my school did but ask that question when you call, whether a school or spa. It detoxifies and helps reduce congestion due to product usage (like makeup, etc) and other irritants. It also helps reduce inflammation which can cause puffiness.

Best part is it releases endorphins and just downright feels great! And who doesn’t love a massage?

We need to stop looking at facials as a luxury and see it more as a part of our skin care routine!



Does Dewy Skin Equal Oily Skin?

Ok so for my oily skin people who think the “dewy look” would bring about disaster, please hear me out on this one.

The biggest problem I see with people with oily skin is in the products they use to control oil.

Oily skin comes from having active or over-active sebaceous glands. These are your oil glands. When you put products on your face that dry out your skin, what you are in essence doing is telling your sebaceous glands that your skin is drying out. So what will they do in response? Yes…they will produce more oil!

I know MANY people with oily skin who think that serums and other products will cause oil. Not if you choose your products and skin care routine carefully.  

Stop avoiding oil at all costs! There is some oil that is great for your skin and isn’t going to make your skin greasy looking! 

What you want to do is find the proper balance between oil and moisture. Moisture is not the same as oil. Your skin needs moisture! 

My best recommendation is find a good skincare professional who knows about oily skin and can recommend products (and get a facial from them while you’re at it!!) and a routine that will help you achieve the right balance between oil and moisture without sending your sebaceous glands into a frenzy by using drying products!!

You CAN achieve a good, dewy look without being oily!! Remember, dewy is looking healthy and vibrant and glowing! Glowing doesn’t equal oily so you don’t have to worry!!

We need to stop looking at facials as a luxury and see it more as a part of our skin care routine! #facial #skincare #matureskin Click To Tweet

My Favorite Makeup Products for Dewy Skin at Drug Store Prices

Remember, these are makeup products, not skincare! I cannot give you personal skincare advice as a professional without seeing your skin myself. That would be unethical of me. So please see a professional to get skincare advice (regarding products and routines) for your individual skin. I can only give generic tips, not personal ones!

That being said, let’s look at some makeup! And I will be posting soon about how to help minimize lines and wrinkles so watch for that coming out within the next week or so (and I will link it here as well once it is published).


Now some people call this product a primer, come call it a serum. I call it a serum because that is how I use it. You would think with honey it would cause your skin to feel a little tacky but it doesn’t. My skin soaks this up and it leaves it feeling great. I apply this to my skin after washing!

Dewy Skin - NYX Honey Dew Me Up

After I use this, I prime my face with NYX First Base Primer Spray. I like MAC’s primer spray as well but I am trying to stay on the less expensive products for this post.

I think this one works just as well and saves you some money!


Dewy Skin - NYX Primer Spray

After I prime with the spray I use another primer. I use this one because it also gives nice, glowing skin. You could literally apply this and go!

Dewy Skin - NXY Born to Glow Primer

After this, I follow up with L’Oreal Paris True Match Lumi Glotion Natural Glow Enhancer in light. I LOVE this product. You can literally apply it and go out the door.

Now, if you have oily skin, I personally probably wouldn’t use this AND the NYX illuminating primer. I would stick with the primer spray and this product since you wouldn’t need the added primer. But that is just me personally! You can choose to add or eliminate whatever you’d like to achieve the look you want!


Dewy Skin - Loreal Lumi Glotion


After this dries I apply my foundation. I don’t use concealer because I feel like it would take away from the effect I want to achieve AND I just haven’t found I needed it.

When you have mature skin, layers can cause lines and wrinkles to look more pronounced. I try to limit the number of cosmetic products I use, particularly under the eyes. With this routine, I just haven’t needed it and I have VERY red skin!

I love this foundation’s coverage and it just makes my skin look amazing. AND I have to add…it not only lasts all day, it is the first foundation I have used (and I use MANY from very expensive to drug store priced) that has not broken up around the nose! I use it sparingly on the nose (it is the last thing I touch with my foundation brush) for that reason and with its coverage and with the Lumi Glotion I just haven’t needed more than that!


Loreal Infallible Pro Glow Foundation

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