Dessert recipes for two - an image of a chocolate cake

7 Delicious Dessert Recipes For Two

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Cooking for two can be a challenge. Most recipes serve four to six so you either have to adapt the recipe or have tons of leftovers (or just eat a lot!).  This is especially true when it comes to desserts. If it’s just you and your spouse, you don’t need a whole cake, right? But, it doesn’t have to be that way.  (Looking instead for dinner recipes for two?  You’ll find a terrific list here.) We’ve curated seven of the best dessert for two recipes from the best food blogs on the web. You will love theses delicious dessert recipes for two. Just enough to satisfy your sweet tooth without making too much that may go to waste. Dessert recipes for two - an image of a chocolate cake  

Some of the recipes would make a fantastic breakfast for a lazy Saturday morning, as well. Or, perhaps, a thoughtful gesture to that someone special you have your eye on.  Small batch recipes with big flavor put these at the top of our list.


    We’ve covered chocolate, fruit and so many more dessert recipes for two that will have you dashing to your kitchen to whip one up.  Some are even gluten free dessert recipes for two. Did we mention they are easy to make? Yes, but most you would find on any high quality restaurant’s menu!   Whether you just want a snack or two add dessert to a special meal, you’ll find something that you’ll love on this list of amazing dessert recipes for two.

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Which dessert recipe for two do you plan to make?   Personally, I can’t decide between the Best Pecan Pie or the Mini Chocolate Cake!  Perhaps, I’ll have to make both.  Life is too short to go without dessert!  

Delicious Dessert Recipes For Two

Dessert Recipes For Two

Have a sweet tooth or need a dessert for a special dinner? We've curated the best dessert recipes for two on the planet just for you!

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