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Beauty Over 40

Have you ever watched a makeup tutorial on YouTube and then tried to do the exact same thing and it looked nothing like the tutorial? Been there!! Don't worry, it is not your skill, it's your skin! Mature women are gorgeous!! I believe many women look more amazing over 40 than they did in their 20's! But beauty over 40 does come with some challenges!

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Beauty Over 40 - Your Skin Changes

For one, your skin is different! The rate at which our skin regenerates slows down once you hit your 30's and then gets to be significantly slower over 40. This is why I believe getting regular facials once a month is important!

Your skin is your body's largest organ! Yep, it's an organ!

We take care of our other organs but many times we neglect the largest one! Many times people look at getting a facial as a luxury! But in reality, it is taking care of your body!

Facials can mimic that sloughing off of dead skin cells that our bodies were so efficient at in our 20's but not so much in our 40's and 50's. Without that, dead skin cells can build up preventing necessary moisture from getting in and trapping oil and dirt inside. This can cause lines and wrinkles!

So take care of your skin, especially as you get older!

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Beauty Over 40 - Your Eyes Change

Well, your eyes themselves may not change but the skin around them does!

As we age, the skin under our eyes can become drier causing lines and wrinkles. But the skin on our lids can change too. For some of us this can create the famous "hooded eye".

When I was younger I didn't have this issue but like many people, before I was trained as an Esthetician, I would look at makeup tutorials and then try them on myself. The one area I had difficulty in was the eyeshadow. Mine looked NOTHING like the young girl's did in the video!

I soon realized that my eyes had changed. They now had this "hood" that hid a lot of my mobile lid (the part of your lid that moves when you open and close your eyes).

Because of this hood, the eyeshadow I would apply to my mobile lid would be hidden the second I opened my eyes! Talk about frustration and anxiety!

Now some people have naturally hooded eyes but for those of us who develop them with age, this can be a game changer! I wasn't used to this!!

So I began looking for tutorials for hooded eyes and it opened up a whole new world for me! It wasn't that I was inept at doing my own makeup! I was just trying to do this "one size fits all" tutorial when my eyes were needing something else.

I realized I cannot have winged eyeliner without a WHOLE lot of work. My lid droops too much and that is ok!! I think I can survive life without winged liner!

So there is nothing wrong with your skill level when applying makeup! You just need to find the tutorials that work for mature women! 

Makeup Tutorials for Mature Women

I have some videos below that I hope will help you! I created these videos when I was working with Younique so a lot of the products mentioned are from them and they are great but I will also include some recommended alternatives below that I think are perfect for mature skin!

I will also be creating new videos as well so if there is anything you struggle with or want to see, comment below and I can make that happen for you (or try to)!

Knowing how to work with your skin can save you a lot of time and frustration!

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