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Korean Skincare Routine - The lower part of a woman's face and her décolletage

Korean Skincare Routine – The Ultimate Guide

The Korean skincare routine seems to be trending lately, and with good reason! This skin regimen incorporates much of what, as an esthetician, I would consider to be logical skincare! It is good for you skin and involves a skin regimen that will help you have healthy, youthful, amazing skin.   You should do the …

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Bloggers Wanted - An image of a computer, iphone and magazines on a wooden table

Bloggers Wanted!

Do you ever read all these lifestyle, fashion, parenting blogs and think it’s something you could never do? I hear ya! I felt the exact same way at one time! In fact, I still do at times! But you have a unique story to share or a talent to display! Are bloggers wanted? Yes! Are …

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