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3 Ways to Find Travel Discounts

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When planning a vacation either by yourself, with family or with a group, everyone wants to get more bang for their buck and find travel discounts where possible. But how do you go about finding these deals?

As a former travel agency owner, I can tell you they are out there and they are no big secret! Most people just don’t know to look!

So how do you find travel discounts? Here are three ways!

Find travel discounts - a woman with a map


3 Ways to Find Travel Discounts

Hire a Travel Agent

Travel agents know where to find the best deals, whether that be on times of year to travel or which carriers are best! One way a travel agent can help for example is with cruise pricing!

Many times agents have group cruises lined up and can get you a group rate! This can offer you substantial savings and can be combined with any cruise rewards from the cruise line you might have by being a rewards member!

The best part is, in most cases, you don't have to pay the travel agent anything (this may not be the case if you are looking to book just a flight or another type of travel that requires the agent to charge a service fee) as they typically earn their commission from the vendor.

And with the internet, you don't even have to worry about where your travel agent is located!

Group Trips & All Inclusives

In the previous section I mentioned group cruises but group trips can go beyond just cruises!

Group tours are a great way to save money on travel! Like the group cruises, the tour conductor is typically given a discounted rate for travelers because of the number of people traveling! This savings is passed down to you!

And you can find all kinds of specialty tours, like trips to Israel, or college tours of Europe, and more!

In addition, all inclusive trips can save a lot of money as well as everything is paid for and there are no surprise costs!

Be Flexible

Flexibility will get you savings!

Certain times of year will definitely have lower costs associated with them. Off peak travel is usually discounted in order to fill in gaps. From all inclusive resorts to cruises, to even Disney, the time of year you travel (and whether you're willing to stay off property at a place like Disney) can save you a substantial amount!

A travel agent can help tell you what are the least expensive times to travel based on the type of vacation and the destination!



Find Travel Discounts – Saving Money on the Necessities

Spending money on a vacation is not the only cost involved! Items you need for travel can also cost you quite a pretty penny! So how do you find travel discounts on the necessities as well as the trip?




Makeup Bags and Accessories




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