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We want to cheer you on! Here you'll find support for you and your busy life when you feel tapped out!


You are on fire! You may be a wife and mom! You may be an entrepreneur! Or maybe you want to find ways to work from home! No matter where you are in life, we have something for you!


As women over 40, we are dealing with aging, empty nests, health concerns, menopause! Maybe you just want makeup tips or fashion advice that works in this new stage of life! This section will address these issues that we all eventually deal with!


Here you'll find support, help and encouragement for your busy life! You'll find book suggestions, articles and tips to help you find rest as well as help in knowing you are doing a great job and there are others like you who want to show you their support!

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Living in the Present and in the moment - a grandmother in the garden with her granddaughter

Live in the Present – Great Tips For How to Be in the Moment

Have you ever wondered if there was a way to slow down time and learn to live in the present […]

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Christmas Savings – 11 Ways to Save Money and Not Overspend at Christmas

Christmas savings is such an important topic for most families! Christmas is right around the corner, which means shopping, cooking, […]

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7 Delicious Dessert Recipes For Two

Cooking for two can be a challenge. Most recipes serve four to six so you either have to adapt the […]

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Hottest Gifts From The Cool Grandma This Holiday Season

Gifts from grandma are always the best! You already know that your grandkids love you best. Maybe they call you […]

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3 Ways to Find Travel Discounts

When planning a vacation either by yourself, with family or with a group, everyone wants to get more bang for […]

Cooking for Two - A nice looking meal

21 Mouth Watering Easy Recipes When Cooking For Two

So the kids have moved out and it’s just you and hubby. Where you used to cook for an army, […]

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Dewy Skin for Mature Women

Dewy skin is the most recent rage in the makeup world! And I LOVE it! But is it possible to […]

Bloggers Wanted - An image of a computer, iphone and magazines on a wooden table

Bloggers Wanted!

Do you ever read all these lifestyle, fashion, parenting blogs and think it’s something you could never do? I hear […]

Time Management for the Overwhelmed - A Woman looking worried as she looks at her watch with her hand on her forehead

18 Useful Time Management Tips For The Overwhelmed Woman

Time management has become another of those great buzzwords. This guru and that has a great system to help you […]

Surviving the Holidays When You Have Anxiety

Surviving the Holidays When You Have Anxiety

If you are like me, you wonder how you will be surviving the holidays, again!! They are quickly creeping up […]

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